How to make the most of the new year car sales

The new year is one of the best times to grab a new or used car bargain. As the calendar clicked over to 2019, all cars automatically became 1 year older. This means it is time for the new and used dealerships to quickly clear out their ‘old’ stock and make way for newer models. […]

A new car for Christmas thanks to Blink Finance

Has a new car been on your Santa wish-list for almost all of 2018? Blink Finance aren’t Santa but might as well be, because we can help you get a new car before Christmas day. We have a full team of brokers on board in the lead up to Christmas. Our brokers work with over […]

Blink Referral Program

The greatest compliment we can receive from our clients, is a referral. At Blink, we are all about building a relationship with our clients and being there for them at every stage in their life. If you are one of our satisfied clients and would love to recommend us to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, […]

Blink Finance supports LIVIN

Why LIVIN? Blink Finance has chosen to align themselves with LIVIN, mainly due to the incredibly important messages they promote regarding mental health and open communication. Having friends, colleagues, family and clients who have suffered and/or suffer from mental health related issues, we would love to be able to contribute to an organisation that supports […]