Blink Finance in fine company as a Small Business Champion award finalist

Blink Finance, your local Gold Coast Finance Broker, is honoured to have recently been named a finalist in the Financial Services category of the prestigious Australian Small Business Champion Awards. These highly respected awards recognise the hard work and valuable contribution that small businesses make all around Australia.

Often viewed as the pinnacle of business success, being recognised among such a strong line up of other financial services finalists is a proud and humbling moment for the Blink Finance team.

The journey of a small business owner can be likened to that of a rollercoaster.  So many highs and lows, but there is also a deep sense of fulfilment in knowing that together with thousands of other small businesses in this country, each one is working towards boosting the Australian economy and delivering a great experience for clients.

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards recognise the values associated with successful small businesses. These values include service, commitment, leadership, endurance, courage, innovation, performance, persuasion and generosity.


The road to being a national small business award finalist


The journey of Blink Finance has been a whirlwind adventure, which started from humble beginnings in December 2011 by two powerhouses David Hooper and George Despotovic.  Having worked in the personal finance sector before making the leap into small business ownership, David and George both felt that there was a great opportunity within the market.

They knew that they could develop a business that provided a superior level of customer service, better interest rates and a customer experience that was second to none.

And as they say, the rest is history.

David and George left the comfort and security of their full-time jobs, launched Blink Finance and have continued their story with consistent growth and achievement over the last 7 years.


Local Gold Coast finance brokers

Blink Finance is now a young and vibrant, privately owned business, based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Our smart, driven and passionate team specialise in vehicle, marine, equipment and asset finance for individuals and businesses. We’re focused on you, the client, first and foremost and are anything but your average finance company.

Our approach to business is old school, with a new age twist. We call it the ‘Blink Difference’. From good old-fashioned customer service (like calling when we say we will) to custom built technology and systems, that enable a streamlined experience for both staff and clients.

We also invest heavily in our staff, our biggest asset.  By offering training, personal development and the right mix of fun in their work day. With you, the clients, ultimately ending up the winners.

It’s this difference that helped us stand out from the crowd as a Small Business Champion finalist.


Finance solutions for individuals and small business

We know firsthand how tricky it can be to know what options are available to you as an individual or a small business owner. Whether you are employed full time or part time, are a new start-up, or have an established small to medium business, our highly skilled and experienced commercial brokers can guide you through a range of finance options.

The team at Blink Finance are champions of other small businesses and pride ourselves on taking the time to walk you through what options are available to help with cash flow, or to take the next step and grow your business.


Why Blink Finance are already winners

Being an Australian Small Business Champion Awards finalist means more to the Blink Finance team, than just seeing our name up in lights, or on a certificate or trophy.

It’s the behind the scenes action that happens every day.  It’s the genuine care for our clients.  Striving to be the best we can be day after day. Improving our processes and customer experience.  Seeking feedback and reinvesting back into the business.

We aren’t focused purely on profit and making a quick buck. We want to be known for much more than that.  Competing in a category with a lot of big players isn’t a walk in the park, but we are proud to hold our own in this space, because we have the dedication, perseverance and tenacity when it counts.

Regardless of whether your local Gold Coast Finance Brokers takes out the award title, we are already winners.  Silently helping individuals to achieve their dreams.

Blink Finance Directors, Dave and George are extremely proud of how far they’ve come collectively as a business and what the Blink Finance brand stands for – trust, transparency, integrity and an investment in their people.

From that new car, to funding a start-up business with a big vision, working with people and helping them on their life journey is what it’s really about for Blink Finance.


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