If you want to find the best car loans, you need to contact Blink Finance. Doing it by yourself isn’t easy. You need someone who can show you a compatible lender who offers the lowest interest rates that meet your needs. Finding the right lender is easy when you work with our industry experts.



How to Apply for the Best Car Loans with Us

We are always available to answer questions and help you make the right decision when buying a new car or truck. If you’re ready to get started, you can visit our website and click the “Apply Here Now” button. Enter your name, phone number, email address, and the amount you want to borrow, and we will review your application and provide you with options.


The Benefits of Working with Blink Finance

If you want to choose from the best car loans, then you need someone who knows the industry on your side. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service that focuses on your needs. There are many time and money saving reasons to work with Blink Finance.


Lower Car Prices

Did you know that we may be able to lower the purchase price of your vehicle? Blink Finance maintains relationships with Australian car dealerships that gives us an edge when negotiating. Let us work with the seller on your behalf to get the price as low as possible so you get the best car loans.


Better Interest Rates

Our expert staff knows how to connect you with the most economic lenders available. We will review your application to determine the best way to approach the car buying process. We are also happy to provide advice and recommendations that could lead to lower interest and lower monthly payments.


Friendly Service

As far as we are concerned, this process is all about you. We help you find the best car loans by providing friendly service that focuses on your situation. Our goal is to show you to the right lender while establishing a lasting relationship as your go-to resource for personal finance.


30+ Lenders in Australia

We work with a network of over 30 Australian lenders, including both large and small financiers. This allows us to determine which lender offers the best car loans for you. You get premium service and access to a powerful network of potential lenders.

Now is a great time to apply for a new car loan! Get in touch by calling 1300 827 848 or visit our website to complete our free online assessment form.