Car finance rates are a major concern when buying a new vehicle. They can have a significant impact on how high or low your repayments are and how much you spend in total over the course of the loan. If you aren’t sure what interest rates are or how they work, then you should learn more about this part of the process before you start vehicle shopping.



How Are Car Finance Rates Determined?

Interest rates are hard to estimate because a number of factors are used to determine how much will be added. This is a percentage of the loan that is charged on top of the principal or amount borrowed. Different lenders will offer different car finance rates. Other factors that can raise or lower interest include:

How Do I Affect the Interest Rates I Can Get?

Along with car finance rates changing for different cars and lenders, they can also vary based on who is borrowing the money. Your situation, repayment terms and financial standing will have an effect on your interest rates. Factors that can alter your rates include:

Am I Getting the Best Car Finance Rates?

How do you know if you are getting the best car finance rates? That’s a tricky question when working alone. If you plan to handle the process by yourself, then it will be up to you to do research and figure out what’s available. It’s important to note that you should not submit applications to multiple lenders. Doing so could make your credit history look busy, which may cause lenders to view you as a higher risk.

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